About the cottages and their owners

About Sea Rocket Cottage: Sea Rocket Barn and Cottage belong to Kate and Mark Jennings, aunt and uncle to the Foss owners. The cottage is attached to the larger house in which they live. It is charming and easily managed and has the advantage of the owners near at hand.

Kate has written a history of East Prawle and the area and mentions Foss Cottage and the Foss family history, as well as Lower Farm in the centre of the village where Sea Rocket Cottage and Sea Rocket Barn are situated. She and Mark are active members of the East Prawle History Society, which gives interesting talks on local history and activities, such as diving for wrecks. Have a look at Sea Rocket cottage! and also the East Prawle History Society website for details of Kate’s book.

About Foss Cottage: Foss belongs to 3 brothers and sisters and has been a family holiday home since 1971. We love it and go as often as we can, but, partly to help with upkeep but also because we prefer other people to share it rather than leave it closed, we let it out for a part of the year. We live some of us in London and some as far away as Chile, but have local cleaners and managers.

Named after its former owners, the Foss family, the cottage was built in the 19th century, possibly for coastguard use. It is the last in the lane leading west from the centre of the village and has a private feeling while being also well-connected to the village. We like to keep it free of electronics and many people find this a great advantage – a real escape and relaxation. Have a look at Foss Cottage!

Sea Rocket: katejennings02@gmail.com

Foss: fosscottage@gmail.com (Nat Hunter)

Foss Cottage
Sea Rocket Cottage