More photographs of Foss holiday cottage

These photographs are mostly of the garden of our self-catering holiday cottage – one of its big assets.

For photographs of the area, see AboutUs/Area/Photographs of the area – (work in progress)

Drawing of Foss in the 1970s

The views at all times are to die for. Often the moonlight makes huge light paths across the sea.

View down the garden of Foss cottage and out to sea

Supper in the garden looking out to sea

Painting of holly tree and sea beyond, by a visitor to the cottage

Children, climbing onto the garden wall to look over the sea with binoculars

View of East Prawle from a sailing boat, some time in the 80s. Foss cottage is the white square at the far left of the village.

The general view is untouched but Foss has been much improved since then. It is an agricultural village primarily, but with many and close contacts with the sea. (See East Prawle Through the Ages)

As seen from in bed in one of our double rooms:

Wake up to this view!



A ram’s head sculpture at the gate of Foss Cottage

Garden chairs – for sleep or play?





Deckchair and hydrangea on the lawn at Foss




Walking up from Horsley beach, though quite steep, is incredibly beautiful and at this gate you can hear a lot of little birds singing – chiff chaffs and others. There is a small wood, in an area where the sea winds keep the trees sparse.

Foss: (Nat Hunter)

Sea Rocket: